Sealog is a service company consisting of well trained young and think a like
logistics digital



Every Sealogistician knows about the product we serve right from the Office girl until our CEO's, We come with boosted years of training and mastering years of experience too Our Specialist value every service and examine and follow the timely transformation right from the manufacturing or from the warehouse to its delivery point.

In any given scenario we can examine the real cost and provide our best price with the cutting edge digitalized technology of ISEALOG facility provided in house


During 2010, Sealog started as a intermodal company as Indonesia Intermodal transportation was in rise, years passed and technology took cover by digitalizing logistics into online system

Sealog provides Service in Supply chain and Logistics since 2010.

2010 -Started Sealog was providing Logistics services for FMCG with 30x20 Feet teus per month.

2011 -Sealog entered into industrial and chemical logistics for LDPE and HDPE from Cilegon to Surabaya.

2012 Sealog enetred again into Finished FMCG products with delivery.

2013 Cross Docking facility was Implemented in Surabaya.

2014 Distribution for retail services was provided.

2015 Sealog started enetring into packing and delivery to outer Islands in Indonesia for LCL and LTL.

2016 A mass reveloution for sealog in setting up multi cross dock hub.

2017 Sealog started operation for pick and drop.

2018 One of the best year that Sealog is setting a fully compatible one Touch service with providing logistics services with sealog ISEALOG platform.